World famous harpist Ellen Bødtker gives her audience melodic and harmonious music. Ellen is an innovative artist and composer with a broad repertoire, from the classical greats to self composed contemporary and crossover music. Her distinctive features, a strong commitment to contemporary music, and collaborations with several of the prominent Nordic composers make Ellen one of Scandinavia’s leading harp soloists. Her music is inspired by fairytales, the mysterious, the northern lights, and the serenity of nature.

Ellen plays with the Norwegian ensemble Oslo Sinfonietta (www.oslosinfonietta.no), has toured with Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, and performed at several prestigious festivals and stages around the world. She has also performed as a soloist with orchestras such as Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Chamber Music Orchestra, St Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, The Nordia-Ensemble of Sweden, The Norwegian Wind Ensemble in Kristiansand, and The Wind Ensemble in Harstad. Her 2009 performance with the St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonics at the Nordic Music Festival in St. Petersburg was the world premiere of Karsten Fundal’s «The Shore» and Maja Ratkje’s «Mood IV», both written for Ellen. She has also collaborated with well-known singers like Eir Inderhaug, Linda Øvrebø and Njål Sparbo and Lars Lillo-Stenberg.

For the 150 year anniversary of Norwegian painter Edvard Munch’s birthday, she founded, composed and performed Lifeblood (www.hjerteblod.no). The performance has been featured on Norwegian and Japanese TV, and performed around the world, including Norway, New York and Tokyo. The music to Lifeblood was released with Warner Music on the anniversary of Edvard Munch’s birthday December 12th 2013.



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I Look (2017) contains Ellen Bødtker’s music combined with a new expression where she implements elements for the sound of the planet and the northern lights. The album features Arve Henriksen playing on his magic trumpet, Erik Honoré on synthesizer and electronics, and Eirik Raude on percussions. Poetry is by Sigbjørn Obstfelder, and the album is produced by Ellen Bødtker herself at Rainbow Studio in Oslo, Norway. Released by ESB Records.

Once Upon A Summer (2015) is a musical and poetic journey through several continents with the poetry og Jan Erik Vold as the leading track. Arve Henriksen ́s unique trumpet sound portrays nature, while Erik Raude’s percussion palette is a universe of colors and sound. The album has become a blistring wave of creative friendship. The lyrics by Jan Erik Vold enlivens the universe of oceans, summer and people, where we meet the hermit Zuikan who is calling upon his inner self.

Lifeblood (2013) Released on December 12th 2013, this composition marks the 150th anniversary of Edvard Munch’s birthday. The lyrics depict well known artworks such as Scream, Melancholy and Madonna, as well as lyrics based on other poetic outcomes and diary entries. This is of course just a taste of Munch’s complete artistic works. This collection of songs was created for the performance Lifeblood by Ellen Bødtker with Lars Lillo-Stenberg for the Munch anniversary.

Pacem (2011) is a Christmas album from Ellen Bødtker and Sølvguttene. The album is a rich colored music work for solo harp and mixed choir. With music composed by Bjørn Kruse, and lyrics from old Latin hymns, the Tora and the Koran the album has a strong message of peace and love. Lars Saabye Christensen has written the text commenting on the lyrics from the old Latin hymns and Obamas speech in Cairo.

Sonar (2009) compromises Norwegian music written especially for Ellen by composer Magnar Åm. SONaR is a sound signal sent out to create an echo from whatever it may encounter to reveal the unknown. We all send out symbolic sonars into physical and spiritual space in a constant search for meaning. The album represents the ever-unfolding answer of the universe. Ellen’s harp creates tiny musicals figures creating a nagging urgency disguised in something pretty.

Villveng (2007) is her sophomore recording with Norwegian music, featuring both her own compositions and works by other composers. The album features several acclaimed artists, such as Lars Lillo-Stenberg and trumpeter Arve Henriksen.

French Music For Harp And Strings (2002) marks her solo debut on the label Naxos International. With music from Maurice Ravel, Erik Satie, Claude Debussy, Jaques Ibert and Gabriel Pierné, the album received excellent reviews in Norway and internationally. The album also features The Vertavo String Quartet.


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H. Chr. Houens scholarship.
W .Wilhelmsens scholarship.
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Norwegian State Academy.
Hochshule fur Musik und Dartstellende Kunst, Wien.
Indiana university in Bloomington, USA.