Once upon a summer

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Ellen Bødtker – acoustic and electric harp, e-bows & piano
Jan Erik Vold – voice
Arve Henriksen – trumpet, vocal  and electronics
Eirik Raude – percussion and electronics

Poems and translations by Jan Erik Vold
Text selection by Ellen Bødtker
Cover paintings by Anne Kristine Thorsby
Cover design by holtmann design

Product Description

InAugust 2013, I travelled with Jan Erik Vold on the Japanese railway Schinkansen, reading haiku poems together. We were on a concert tour in the country, and looking out the window at the marvelous Japanese landscape passing by. I discovered a kinship between Jan Erik ́s haiku poems and the harp ́s Asian soundscape. It was during this journey the idea of this project was created.“Once upon a summer” is a musical and poetic journey through several continents with poetry as the leading track.

Lyrics by Jan Erik Vold ́s diverse universe enliven the ocean, summer, sea and people, and we are meeting the hermit Zuikan that is calling upon himself. I realized that by a glance at the Japanese villages seen passing by, they have much in common with the Norwegian scenery. The rare crew of harp, trumpet, percussion and voice crept forth among the poems.

Musically, I have been inspired by a huge range of timbres, both Oriental and Norwegian as well as Jan Erik ́s poetry. In light of all this wonderful material I have tried to find my own voice. Arve Henriksen ́s unique trumpet sound portrays nature in itself, and Eirik Raude ́s percussion palette is a universe of colors and sounds. This has been like a journey on a blistering wave with creative friends.

Big thanks to Arve Henriksen for his intensely beautiful trumpet playing and sovereign producer work. Eirik Raude for his colorful and virtuoso percussion playing. Jan Erik Kongshaug for exquisite timbre and generous studio time. Skåtøy Song and Poetry Festival that gave me the challenge through the commission work “Headed for the Ocean” which is the foundation of this recording. A special thanks to Jan Erik Vold for a strong partnership.

The main thing now is to keep going.